Jasmine Morehead

Supervisee in Clinical Social Work

My focus is to meet clients where they are, providing an open-minded safe space where we work collaboratively to establish specific goals through the therapeutic process. My approach to treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based while also utilizing Dialectical Behavior Therapy techniques and skills.

Having the opportunity to walk with someone on their journey of mental health and move towards the life they desire is an absolute joy. My goal is to assist in what Dr. Linehan called, “Building a life worth living”.

Jasmine Morehead is a Supervisee in Clinical Social Work and is working towards licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Virginia. She works under the supervision of Cara Root, LCSW. In the event that clients have any questions or concerns about Jasmine’s work, her supervisor can be contacted at croot@healthyminds-therapy.com or by phone at (540) 845-6940.