Katie Bascuas

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Taking the first step and seeking out a therapist can feel overwhelming and scary. No one wants to feel judged or “feel weird.” In my practice, I aim to create a warm, trusting environment where clients feel safe to explore more about themselves and whatever challenges they may be facing.

As a licensed professional counselor, I have experience working with clients from different backgrounds with a variety of presenting issues. I use an eclectic approach, incorporating evidence-based techniques, because every client is unique. We’ll explore strategies that resonate with you and your personality. I like to collaborate with clients to help them work toward their goals and to discover greater self-confidence, identifying strengths and opportunities for growth.

While therapy is not always easy, it can be incredibly rewarding and affirming. I appreciate the courage and vulnerability that reaching out for help can take, and I aim to help clients feel less alone and more empowered.