Sandra Emo

Resident in Counseling

I have experience working with individuals, couples and children ages 10 and older to address diverse issues with a goal of improving overall wellness. Whether you’re an individual looking to take care of your mental health, a couple working towards better communication, or a parent seeking resources for their child or adolescent, I would love to help you meet your needs. As a bilingual speaker, I am also able to facilitate therapy for Spanish-speaking clients. My experience spans trauma, parenting, coping skills, communication, depression, anxiety, life transitions, multicultural issues, and maternal mental health to name a few. 

My lived experiences as well as interactions with my clients have equipped me with a deep sense of empathy and validation for the experiences of my clients. The ultimate goal I hope for my clients to achieve is a sense of wellness and learned skills to be able to cope with the various aspects of mental health. 

My counseling approach is tailored to the needs of my clients and includes a client-centered approach with elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, solutions-focused, and multicultural counseling. Together we can collaborate towards improving mental health, reducing stress, and providing you with the tools needed to thrive.

As a Resident in Counseling, Sandra is currently working towards licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia. Sandra works under the supervision of Christy Heyn, Clinical Supervisor and LPC for Healthy Minds Therapy. In the event clients have any questions or concerns about Sandra’s work, her supervisor can be contacted at 950 N. Washington St. Suite 322 Alexandria VA 22314, 540-845-6940, or