Group Therapy

Self-care you're worth it webinar series


Self-Care Webinar Series in Northern Virginia

Gain knowledge about self-care and wellness. Feel more energized & joyful.

In these recorded webinars, we hope to help you gain more knowledge about self-care and wellness, awareness of your own barriers and how to overcome them.

You will learn how YOU can more practically and intentionally implement self-care into YOUR life so that you can feel more energized, joyful, mindful and less overwhelmed, burned out and hopeless. Below are the topics covered in each recording available:

  • Self-Care for Teachers
  • Self-Care for Moms
  • Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals – Social Workers, Therapists, Case Managers, etc.
  • Self-Care for Medical Professionals and First Responders

Who would benefit from this group? Adults who Struggle with Anxiety

This is a 6-week closed psycho-educational group and will be held on Mondays from 5-6pm, virtually. 

Starting Monday, March 27th, 2023

Group facilitator: Katie Bascuas, LPC

The purpose of this group is to provide a space for group members to learn more about anxiety–what it is, how it can be triggered and ways to better manage it when it shows up.

Exercises will include exploring thoughts, feelings and social contexts that can both trigger and perpetuate anxiety. Group members will also be able to learn from one another and find support among peers.

Trauma Psycho-Education group

CBT for Social Anxiety GROUP

Who would benefit from this group? Adults who have experienced trauma and looking to gain additional understanding of trauma’s impact and skills for recovery. 

This is a 6 – 8 Week Closed Psycho-Education Group that will be held on Thursdays from 6pm – 7pm, virtually.

Starting Thursday, April 6th, 2023

Group facilitator: Katie Bascuas, LPC. 

The purpose of this group is to provide members with an understanding of trauma and increase awareness about the impact of trauma on various aspects of life, including mental and emotional health, relationship patterns, and life satisfaction. Members get information to assist them with gaining greater insight into recognizing and understanding trauma triggers and responses, leading to less shame, improved confidence and self-esteem, and development of healthier coping strategies.

This is a 12-week group that will meet in person at our Alexandria office on Wednesdays from 7pm – 8:15pm. 

Starting Wednesday, April 26th, 2023

Group facilitator: Kristen Ninosky, Resident in Counseling. 

Group members can expect to learn manageable skills to help experience less anxiety in social situations, create healthy thinking patterns, and ultimately build confidence in themselves. After participating in the group experience, members will have a variety of tools to help them experience social settings such as meetings, public speaking, spending time with friends, etc. without experiencing significant anxiety.

relationship TRAUMA group

This group is an ongoing group and is held on Saturdays from 10am – 11:30am in our Alexandria office. 

Group facilitator: Nikki Lemke, Resident in Counseling

The purpose of this group is to define, explore and process the components of relationship trauma and its effects on the individual. Exploring tactics used by high conflict individuals, the Cycle of Abuse and experiences, as well as learning healthier boundaries and effective coping skills will be covered during group sessions. This group will provide a working understanding of the tactics and dynamics that show up in emotionally abusive relationships. You will also be able to share your experiences with others like you which will help you fell less isolated.