Group Support

Quarter life with Kayla: An exclusive book club

Feel Confident & Safe In Your Space: Women’s Process Group

An exclusive book club for the young, fabulous, and members of the Hot Mess Express.

Do you often think “on the outside I look like I have my stuff together but on the inside I am really struggling” or “Everyone else’s lives seem so perfect and mine feels like a hot mess.” or “I am going to be alone forever, I will never find someone”? 

In this group, you’ll find connection with like-minded individuals. Our hope is that you will also form long-lasting friendships!

The book featured in this book club is “Group” by Christie Tate.

Starting Wednesday September 9th for 6 weeks from 6:30pm – 7:30pm Quarter Life our exclusive book club will begin and run for six weeks!

Cost to join is only $350 for 6 sessions INCLUDING the exclusive access to the book which is not available yet and an intimate chat with the author during the last book club meeting!

To register and for more info, click the below button. 

Feel Confident & Safe In Your Space

This 6 week online lunch group is for single women who are ready to go from lonely and anxious to calm and safe in their space.

If you have been experiencing: 

*Negative thoughts swirling around in your head when you are trying to get work done or fall asleep at night. 

*Days of mindless eating and lounging on the couch ending with you feeling unhappy and unfilled. 

*Difficulty concentrating because you are so worried about what the world will look like in the next few months and how this will impact your desires to date, get married or have children.

Then this group is for you! Monday @ 12pm starting June 1

$35 per session *Only 8 slots available

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Calling all First Responders!

We know these are challenging times here and Healthy Minds Therapy wants to provide care and support for you as you provide care and support for others.

Beginning May 12th, 2020, we will be offering a First Responders Support Group facilitated by one of our well trained clinicians, Mary A. Jackson.

Who can benefit? Nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, nursing home staff, EMTs, medical social workers, and any other individuals who are serving on the front lines of the COVID19 crisis.

**Please note this is a support group and not therapy. If you are interested in therapy, please contact us HERE or contact the main office to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists.**

To register and for more info, click the below button.