Mental Health Do’s and Don’ts during Quarantine!

By Grace Kim, Resident in Counseling 

Most of us are stumped on what to do while we’re locked down in our homes. We’ve re-watched all the Harry Potter movies. We’ve binge-watched all the seasons of our favorite shows on Netflix. We’ve “cleaned” our kitchens and our rooms. We’ve emptied out our pantries and shelves once filled with delicious food and snacks. So, what now? 

It can be easy to fall in a rut when every day becomes redundant and you’ve just run out of things to do. Being in a state of quarantine can take a toll on your mental health and cause you to feel drained even though you haven’t really done much. 

Instead of focusing on the list of what you can’t do during a pandemic, here are things that you can do to keep your mind in a healthy state during self-quarantine: 

Don’t stay in bed all day

Train your body to know that when it is in bed, it is time to sleep! If you’re in bed all day, you’re going to struggle falling asleep at night.

Log your thoughts

Take time to log your feelings and thoughts. When you’re feeling better, take time to cross out the lies and negative thoughts and replace them with truth and affirmations! Don’t let the negative thoughts pile up in your head. (You can also do this with a trusted friend over phone or video call.)

Move just a little bit 

You don’t have to do a full workout or run for 30 minutes but try to stretch for at least 5 minutes or take a 2-minute walk to get some sun. Move just a little bit every day!

Don’t compare yourself with others 

There is no right or wrong way to quarantine. This is new to all of us! Take this time to figure out who YOU are and what YOU like to do. Take this time to slow down!

Set a realistic routine 

You don’t have to wake up at 5AM or 11AM. If waking up consistently at 2PM works for you, then make it a goal to wake up at the same time every day! You can even set some time aside to sit down and do nothing or take a nap. Start by setting a realistic routine and sticking to it!

Remember, take it easy on yourself and don’t set such high expectations of yourself during this time. We’re all trying to figure out how to quarantine! Reach out to a loved one or trusted friend over phone or video call if you are struggling. We’re all in this together!


About Grace Kim: 

Grace is a Resident in Counseling providing services at the Woodbridge location. Grace is a Qualified Mental Health Professional for Children (QMHP-C) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC). Grace received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University and her Master of Arts Degree with high honors in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from South University. 

Grace has extensive experience in providing outpatient counseling services to children, adolescents and young adults. She also has sufficient experience working with adult clients with longstanding substance abuse issues. Grace is an individual who has had her own share of mental health challenges and with the help of those around her, she has been able to overcome obstacles and barriers in her life. Grace believes she is still growing, learning and in some ways, healing and wants to work with individuals to provide the hope and support she was given in her darkest times. Grace recognizes the barriers and restrictions that minority cultures often face when dealing with mental health issues. It is Grace’s passion to work with such individuals of various minority backgrounds to confront these challenges and experience breakthrough and acceptance. Grace is ready and willing to work with you or your child to explore any latent issues and improve your daily functioning in a healthy way. To learn more about Grace, visit HERE

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