Mental Health Check-in: How are YOU, really?

Mental Health Check:

An Open Letter from HMT Founder & Therapist, Alycia Burant

Dear Healthy Minds Family,Love one another to heal and for healthier days ahead

I hope as you read this, you are in good health. I recognize your hearts and minds may continue to be filled with fear, worry, and sadness. To be honest, I am still digesting and processing the events on January 6, 2021. However, as we continue forward into 2021, I want to offer a message of healing, health, and hope. As the world continues to change around us, I still walk alongside of you. With the changes happening around us, I hope to instill encouragement and hope for new beginnings and I want to share a few thoughts with you.

We are just coming out of one of the toughest years in modern history. We were pushed to our limits, reached our breaking points, but we pushed through to limitless bounds of gratitude, and found ways to keep from breaking down and falling apart. The human spirit is remarkable and because of our ability to rebound and recover, I would like to share a personal story of resilience.

I am a proud 2006 graduate of Virginia Tech. We are fiercely loyal and dedicated to our school. One sunny spring day in 2007, our community was shaken to the core. I will never forget that day. But what stands out more to me is how the world wrapped its arms around us like a warm, cozy blanket. The kindness and love of the human spirit shined through in a blinding light. Unity, strength, and HOPE resounded around the world. On what felt like we would never recover from such unimaginable loss began to feel like, with the strength of each other, we would move forward. I share this story because, in a year like we have just had, riddled with loss, devastation, divisiveness, and pain, it is sometimes hard to understand something clearly at last. However, I have lived it. I have seen it. I have HOPE that in 2021, we are moving forward in healing and health.

As a therapist, this has been the most challenging time ever in my career. I have learned to support and care for my community, all while learning to navigate and heal myself through the same painful events. I may have days when I am down, but do not ever count me out. This is a therapist’s “Super Bowl” if you will. We champion each other for this. Nothing makes me more encouraged than to see the success of those we serve.

As we charge forward in this new year, I invite you to explore what this new year means to you. What brings YOU hope?  

I am grateful for the courage of our clinicians as they continue to navigate this new normal. I am proud to stand with them. I welcome your feedback as we work to make meaningful change together. We are not going anywhere; healthier days are here.


Alycia Burant, MA, LPC, NCC
Founder & Therapist
Approved Board Certified Clinical Supervisor

*Please know the majority of this was written the morning of January 6, 2021, before the events of that day and has since been edited. While everything I wrote is still true, I understand the tone and message may come across differently now. I still, however, wanted to share my thoughts. Even as the work becomes harder, our passion becomes stronger to make this world a better place. Change starts within and we are here for those that are ready to dive in. Our mission at Healthy Minds Therapy remains the same: inspiring thriving, healthier communities by making therapy modern and accessible. 

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