Spiral Grounding Technique

Spiral Technique The Spiral Technique is really great for when a disturbing thought or memory seems to keep coming up for you in daily life. It is a technique that helps to take the focus off of the disturbance and the sensations that come up in your body when you think of this event.

Here is how the Spiral Technique works:

  1. Bring in to mind the disturbing memory or event, noticing where the sensations are happening in your body. There are no right or wrong responses!
  2. Rate the memory or experience on a 0-10 scale, how does it feel for you to be thinking about it right now? 0 is thinking about it and you can remain calm. 10 is the highest disturbance you can imagine.
  3. Notice where you are feeling this disturbance in your body, what parts of your body start to feel tension, tightness, or unusual sensations?
  4. Concentrate on that feeling in your body, and start to imagine that those sensations are a spiral going on in your body. Notice what direction the spiral is moving – clockwise or counterclockwise.
  5. Once you are aware of the direction the spiral is moving, use your mind to change the direction of the spiral. Just notice what happens when it starts to move in the opposite direction. Write down what happens for you when you change the direction of the spiral.
The technique should allow the disturbance to lessen and the feelings to move down the 0-10 scale. This allows you to more rationally approach the memory or event. Try it out for yourself and see if it works, this could be a valuable tool in your toolkit!
Tune into this Guided Imagery Meditation from Alison Morogiello, LPC, NCC, Clinical Director & Licensed Therapist.
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