The Value of Exploring Our Experiences Using More Curiosity and Less Judgment

Shifting a judgmental mindset. 

An essential component in my approach to therapy involves assisting clients to see things clearly, rather than in a biased, judgmental way. Our judging minds typically conceal a wider, more realistic picture of our life experiences, ourselves, and of others. This skewed inaccurate view often results in our emotional suffering in the form of low self-esteem, anxiety, irritability, and depression.

Becoming curious and less judgmental provides clarity by learning to examine our lives in a more rational way.

While I use the term “judging” in this post it is important to convey that I am not arguing one should less discerning, which is a good thing as being thoughtful, reflective, and wise is a vital part of healthy living. Nonetheless, a mind that always evaluates things as black or white, good or bad, better or worse, is the root of our emotional problems. This behavior far too often feeds our low self-esteem, anxiety, irritability, and depression. Unfortunately, the negative evaluation of ourselves and others is quite intrusive these days. For many people, it is their default setting of how they relate to the world as well as themselves.

You can shift your thought patterns to cultivate curiosity. 

The good news is that, with some practice, it’s possible to shift thought patterns in a more positive and rational direction. Cultivating more curiosity, rather than judgment will lead to a variety of benefits, including more inner peace, self-acceptance, kindness, and healthier communication. By learning to be curious without judgment creates and fosters kindness and an acceptance that we’re all different and deal with what life throws at us as best we can.


About Bradd Buckingham, M.A., LPC-R; Resident in Counseling: 

Bradd is currently a resident in counseling providing counseling services at our Fredericksburg location. He is actively pursuing his license in Professional Counseling (LPC). Bradd is a recent graduate of The University of the Cumberlands with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He completed a demanding internship working with individuals and couples at Fredericksburg Counseling Services.  

Bradd specializes in working with individuals with complex trauma, personality disorders, anxiety, and depression. He can offer a safe environment for individuals and families in the LGBTQ community. Bradd also works with individuals with a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. 

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