Remember Your Why

By Jennifer Drum, Resident in Counseling

I was recently inspired by a client who carries a list she created to remind herself why she is committed to her job, even on the very tough days… People enter therapy for many different reasons, and it is truly a process unique to the individual.

Addressing challenges and amending issues takes time, practice, patience, and perseverance. 

There is a benefit to reflecting on why you are investing in your mental health and wellbeing, especially on those days when you feel stuck, disappointed, or maybe experience what feels like a setback (although there is learning and value in all these places).  I want to offer you that these are the days to rekindle your, “Why.”

  • Your why may be in resolving and releasing something from the past, creating room for new possibilities.
  • Your why may be in how you approach your daily life, relationship with self and others, and cultivating balance.  For some, it may be that you have an aspiration and the road to this goal will benefit from the inner work that therapy offers.
  • Maybe your why is still unfolding and opening.

The why is yours and holding it gently and close can support the direction of your therapeutic process. Everyone’s journey is different. Be mindful and authentic in your journey and know that it takes time!

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