On Saying Yes

Self care is all the rage and, in most articles, memes, and TikTok advice it’s all about saying no to things.
That is something that is a challenge for many of us, and saying no is an important skill. That said, so is
saying yes. When was the last time you said yes to something? Not a yes to something out of
obligation, but something you felt was viscerally right to do?

Recently, I discussed possibly taking myself on a trip with Paris being on the list of places. This felt
extravagant and if I’m honest not something I thought would really happen. A few weeks later a friend
presented me with an opportunity to go to Paris with her. I had less than two weeks’ notice and
everything timing wise felt like a challenge, but my gut said YES! Ticket is booked and I’m writing this
between packing.

Saying no protects us in many ways, but saying yes offers us opportunities – for joy, play, and adventure.
What have you wanted to say yes to but haven’t given yourself permission to? Consider this your
permission slip to say yes and find expansion.


About Alice McGuin:

Alice is a Supervisee in Social Work with Healthy Minds Therapy. She helps clients of all ages navigate the stressors and transitions that are inevitable in everyday life. She recognizes the most important factor to positive therapy outcomes is the therapeutic relationship. Alice strives to provide a safe, warm and even fun environment where her clients feel heard and understood. Alice knows that anyone who has the desire to change can do so and wants her clients to lead healthy and thriving lives. 

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