Protect Your Mental Health From the Dark Sides of Social Media

By Kayla White, M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

It’s easier said than done to detox yourself from social media. It is everywhere and, if you are like most, you have the fear of missing out. But social media has many dark sides and it is in the best interest of your own mental health to set limitations.

Here are 4 ways to limit your social media use. You might be surprised at how easy it is once you have a new routine in place.

  1. Turn your notifications off! Turning off your notifications will be less distracting to what you are doing in the here and now and will likely lead to you checking your apps less often. 
  2. Detox! Schedule in detox periods from your social media. This does not have to be “cold turkey” but it can be scheduling 10 minutes a day to use social media, having a day a week when you don’t check social media, or having a weekend a month when you go without. 
  3. Time to weed out your social media! Over time you probably have gained or followed many people who you don’t connect with now and that is the perfect time to unfollow or delete. 
  4. Mindfully ask yourself “why” before logging in to your social media. Are you looking to get informed about the news? Is it an escape from reality? Is it checking up on an ex that you shouldn’t be looking at? Ask yourself what it is that you are hoping to get from your social media browsing and decide whether your answer is worth it or not!

Let me know how it goes! We are here for you at Healthy Minds Therapy!


About Kayla White:

Kayla is a graduate from the University of Virginia, with a B.S. degree in Psychology, and a recent graduate from Marymount University with a M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Many individuals, children and adults, struggle with depression, anxiety, adjusting to change, or simply the desire to understand themselves more thoroughly. Whether to improve mood and functioning, or glean insight into personality, therapy can be reparative, strengthening, and play a role in maximizing enjoyment of life! Kayla’s expertise is working with children/adolescents, teens, young adults, and adults managing issues of: loneliness, depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, eating disorders, trauma, loss & grief, relationship issues, substance use issues and family conflictTo learn more about Kayla, visit HERE.

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