Art-Making and Process

The process of art-making can be multilayered. I am an encaustic artist, which uses wax in the painting process. Painting with wax has allowed me to learn a lot about myself. Attending my first encaustic workshop was very stressful for me. There was a lot of self-doubt about my ability to learn this new painting technique. I stuck with it and was able to learn a new skill that did not come easily for me. It allowed me to grow as an artist.

Encaustic painting allowed me to add layers of colored wax to a substrate. I can also remove or manipulate the layers in a variety of ways. Items can be embedded in the wax, photocopied images can be transferred onto the wax, or layers can be removed or added. The painting can also become cloudy if there is too much encaustic medium. The process of removing some of those layers can reveal what the final painting might look like. Adding more layers might also enhance the painting or allow one to explore new concepts. Learning the foundations of painting with encaustics is similar for many although the outcome varies. 

The process of removing or adding layers to an encaustic painting can be likened to exploring thoughts and feelings in talk therapy. Sometimes adding layers changes the picture and allows us to find a new perspective, and sometimes removing layers simplifies the picture and gives us clarity. There is no right or wrong way of progressing through the process and the process and outcomes will vary from person to person. The thing to keep in mind is that paying attention to both the process and the outcomes will help us learn about ourselves.

About Jackie: 

Jackie is a Resident in Counseling providing counseling services in our Alexandria location. Jackie earned an M.S.Ed. from Old Dominion University in Mental Health Counseling and has training in art therapy. In addition to her counseling background, Jackie also has a degree in the arts with an MA in Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jackie is a humanistic counselor who provides person-centered counseling in both English and Spanish. To learn more about Jackie, visit HERE.

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