What Changes After Trauma

Managing Trauma While not everyone has experienced a life-altering traumatic experience that would be defined as a “big T” trauma, almost all of us can look back throughout our lives and point to instances of how the “little t” traumas, the everyday distressing events or stressors, have affected us and shaped how we are currently interacting with our surroundings. In both instances, whether one big event or a bunch of smaller experiences, the way that we perceive traumatic experiences and the meaning we take away from them will influence the way that we interact with our experiences in the future.

Interacting with Present Circumstances 

Having to take care of your parents from a very young age might affect your thinking about how to gain attention in romantic relationships. A car crash might affect how fast you are willing to drive or what route you take home. Bullying in elementary school may affect the way you see yourself, how you dress, or what you will do to make friends. These events all produce some sort of thought about yourself (If something is wrong with me, I will get attention, I am not safe, I am unacceptable the way I am) and it is this thought that affects how you interact with present circumstances.

Therapy and Processing Trauma 

Therapy can help to move you from these negative thoughts associated with these events towards more adaptive patterns of thinking. If this seems like something you are struggling with or have noticed the negative changes after trauma, reach out today! Let’s start our journey to healthier ways of thinking!
About Jack Fox:

Jack graduated from the College of William and Mary with a B.S. in Psychology. He recently finished his graduate work at Regent University with an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Throughout his studies, Jack has seen and worked with many clients. His clients have been adolescents and adults, struggling with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment issues. He has even worked with people with a desire to get to know themselves just a little bit better! The more Jack has worked with people, the more a simple truth has come to light: You are not alone! To learn more about Jack, visit HERE.

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