Thoughts on Slowing Down when Overwhelmed

Calm yourself with a walk in natureAs we near the end of summer there is a dampening of the energy that was here earlier in the year. People are experiencing transitions in their lives as they return to working onsite, as they distance, again, and as they experience other changes in their lives including returning to school. With these, there can be a shift towards engaging in less self-care and toward a sense of drifting. 

Some of the things that I encourage clients to do are to reflect on self-care and what that means to them, reach out to support and maintain their connectedness with others, and to anchor themselves through a healthy activity when feeling overwhelmed. For some that can be reading, meditating, knitting, or a walk in nature. It might be taking a few moments to sit and practice deep breathing exercises. I know this is not always easy when there is so much to do, but it is important to make this time for ourselves.

I feel overwhelmed at times and struggle with self-care and engaging in activities that bring me calm. It is during those times that I make an effort to set aside time to engage in relaxing activities like walking my dog, or sitting for a few minutes and being mindful of my surroundings and how I feel in the moment. It may seem like a luxury to take some time for yourself, but that time can help in the long run.


About Jackie: 

Jackie is a Resident in Counseling providing counseling services in our Alexandria location. Jackie earned an M.S.Ed. from Old Dominion University in Mental Health Counseling and has training in art therapy. She also has a degree in the arts with an MA in Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jackie is a humanistic counselor who provides person-centered counseling in both English and Spanish. To learn more about Jackie, visit HERE.

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