Trusting the Therapy Process

Therapy is an involved process.  The first step being, entering into a therapeutic relationship where you feel seen and heard, as well as open to looking at yourself and life in a deeper way.  Some personal challenges are going to take longer to sift through.

Some issues, after being addressed, may yield quicker positive results and feelings.  I think it is important to embrace the “grey” in the healing journey.  Integrating new insights into our daily lives in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors takes time.  Being raised in an athletic background fueled by a “no pain, no gain” philosophy, I find myself asking clients to practice the exact opposite.  And so, I encourage you to please be kind, patient and loving with yourself as you courageously go into your heart in the therapy process.

If this feels hard for you to do, that is something to be curious about and worth exploring.  Sometimes, we just need to trust the process; the forward movement, the detours, the stuck times, knowing that there is meaning and value in all of it.


Jennifer Drum, Resident in Counseling: 

Jennifer Drum is a Resident in Counseling at Healthy Minds Therapy, PLLC.  Prior to relocating to Virginia from New York, Jennifer earned both her MA in Counseling and Advanced Certificate in Mental Health Counseling from Manhattan College, Bronx, NY.  She also earned a Certificate in Health Coaching with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Jennifer supports her clients through a holistic and person-centered lens.  She believes in an integrative approach to mental health and well-being that honors the mind, body, and spirit.  Jennifer views therapy as a sacred space to explore one’s inner landscape.  She believes that seeking help to address challenges in one’s life is truly a strength. Learn more about Jennifer HERE

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